Slavikouski Earns A Pair of Dual Victories; Wrestling Tripped Up in the Desert

Photo Courtesy of Larry Slater
Photo Courtesy of Larry Slater

PHOENIX, Ariz. – One of only four collegiate programs to wrestle at an MLB ballpark, Harvard wrestling opened dual season at 0-3 after falling to No. 7 Arizona State (43-3), No. Iowa State (34-6), and Campbell University (27-9) at Chase Field on Saturday.

Entering the day ranked No. 12 against in the latest Intermat rankings, first-year Yaraslau Slavikouski led the way for the Crimson winning two of his three heavyweight matches 

No. 7 Arizona State 43, Harvard 3
Beginning the day against host No. 7 Arizona State, the Crimson fell to the Sun Devils by a score of 43-3. First-year Michael Jaffe picked up the Crimson's three points with a victory over a nationally-ranked opponent. The Illinois native battled No. 17 Joshua Kramer to a 9-5 decision to put Harvard on the board. In the heavyweight bout, Slavikouski made the No. 7 Tanner Hall work for his three points, with a 2-1 decision.

No. 11 Iowa State 34, Harvard 6
Harvard faced another tall challenge in its second match of the afternoon, squaring off against the No. 11 Iowa State. Against the Cyclones, the Crimson received top victories from a pair of first-years. Slavikouski evened up his dual mark, battling to a 5-3 decision over No. 9 Gannon Gremmel. Fellow first-year, No. 14 Philip Conigliaro earned his first win of the day, a 4-2 decision over the Cyclones' Isaac Judge.

At 133 pounds, Jaffe kept pace with No. 14 Todd Small, but Small was able to escape with the 9-6 decision.

Campbell 27, Harvard 9
Despite dropping its third and final match of the day to Campbell University, 27-9, Harvard received strong performances. Slavikouski earned is second win of the day earning a 5-3 decision over No. 15 Jere Heino at 285 pounds to improve to a 2-1 record. 

Senior Hunter Ladnier and first-year Peter Ferraro eached picked up their first wins of the day in a 157 and 174 pounds, respectively. Coming of a tough loss against the third-ranked wrestler in the country, Ladnier bounced back with a 5-2 decision over Matt Dallara in the 157 bout, while two weight classes later Ferraro edged out Austin Murphy in sudden victory, 7-1. 

Seeking his second dual win of the day, Conigliaro went up against No. 18 Quentin Perez at 165 pounds; but Perez was able to squeak out the two-point, 4-2 decision against the Dedham, Massachusetts native.

Next Up
Harvard opens EIWA action on Friday, January 17 on the road against Franklin & Marshall beginning at 7 p.m.  

Harvard vs. No. 7 Arizona State
125: No. 13 Brandon Courtney (ASU) over Nolan Hellickson (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 13-5
133: Michael Jaffe (Harvard) over No. 17 Joshua Kramer (ASU), Dec. 9-5
141: Navonte Demison (ASU) over Lukus Stricker (Harvard), Tech. Fall 17-2, 6:50
149: Dillion Ulrey (ASU) over Zeth Dean (Harvard), Fall 3:10
157: Jacori Teemer (ASU) over Hunter Ladnier (Harvard), Dec. 8-3
165: No. 6 Joshua Shields (ASU) over No. 14 Philip Conigliaro (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 14-2
174: No. 10 Anthony Valencia (ASU) over Michael Bausano (Harvard), Fall 1:02
184: No. 1 Zahid Valencia (ASU) over Michael Doggett (Harvard), Fall 2:55
197: No. 15 Kordell Norfleet (ASU) over Evan Callahan (Harvard), Fall 2:11
285: No. 7 Tanner Hall (ASU) over No. 12 Yaraslau Slavikouski (Harvard), Dec. 2-1

Harvard vs. No. 11 Iowa State
125: No. 12 Alex Mackall (iowa State) over Nolan Hellickson (Harvard,) Maj. Dec. 11-2
133: No. 14 Todd Small (Iowa State) over Michael Jaffe (Harvard), Dec. 9-6
141: No. 5 Ian Parker (Iowa State) over Lukus Stricker (Harvard), Fall 4:30
149: Ryan Leisure (Iowa State) over Andrew Pace (Harvard), Dec. 7-5
157: No. 3 David Carr (Iowa State) over Hunter Ladnier (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 17-6
165: No. 12 Philip Conigliaro (Harvard) over Isaac Judge (Iowa State), Dec. 4-2
174: No. 9 Samuel Colbray (Iowa State) over Michael Bausano (Harvard), Fall 3:21
184: Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) over Michael Doggett (Harvard, Tech. Fall 18-1 4:37
197: Francis Duggan (Iowa State) over Evan Callahan (Harvard), Dec. 6-2
285: No. 12 Yaraslau Slavikouski (Harvard) over No. 9 Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State), Dec. 5-3

Harvard vs. Campbell
125: Korbin Meink (Campbell) over Beau Bayless (Harvard), Dec. 9-6
133: No. 12 Noah Gosner (Campbell) over Michael Jaffe (Harvard), Tech. Fall 17-2 7:00
141: No. 9 Joshua Heil (Campbell) over Lukus Stricker (Harvard), Dec. 6-1
149: Jason Kraisser (Campbell) over Aaron Kruk (Harvard), Dec. 7-1
157: Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) over Matt Dallara (Campbell), Dec. 5-2
165: No. 18 Quentin Perez (Campbell) over No. 12 Philip Conigliaro (Harvard), Dec. 4-2
174: Peter Ferraro (Harvard) over Austin Murphy (Campbell), SV-1 7-1
184: No. 12 Andrew Morgan (Campbell) over Michael Doggett (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 11-0
197: Chris Kober (Campbell), FF
285: No. 12 Yaraslau Slavikouski (Harvard) over No. 15 Jere Heino (Campbell), Dec. 5-3