2018-19 Men's Heavyweight Crew Roster

Hometown High School
David Ambler full bio David Ambler Yr.: Junior Hometown: London, England High School: St. Paul's School
William Anderson full bio William Anderson Yr.: Junior Hometown: Greenwich, Conn. High School: Greenwich
James Clarke full bio James Clarke Yr.: Senior Hometown: London, England High School: Kings College
Lucas Clarke full bio Lucas Clarke Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Hamilton, New Zealand High School: Hamilton Boys
Benjamin Cohen full bio Benjamin Cohen Yr.: Senior Hometown: Allentown, Pa. High School: Phillips Exeter Academy (N.H.)
Liam Corrigan full bio Liam Corrigan Yr.: Senior Hometown: Old Lyme, Conn. High School: Lyme-Old Lyme
George Cozens full bio George Cozens Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Banbury, Great Britain High School: Eton College
Piers Deeth-Stehlin full bio Piers Deeth-Stehlin Yr.: Junior Hometown: Ross, Calif. High School: Branson School
Carter Dickinson full bio Carter Dickinson Yr.: Senior Hometown: Camberwell, Australia High School: Scotch College
Arthur Doyle full bio Arthur Doyle Yr.: Senior Hometown: London, England High School: Saint Pauls School
Christopher Fenaroli full bio Christopher Fenaroli Yr.: Senior Hometown: Old Greenwich, Conn. High School: Greenwich
Matt Fischer full bio Matt Fischer Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Hattingen, Germany High School: Gymnasium Holthausen
David Fleming full bio David Fleming Yr.: Senior Hometown: Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia High School: St. Kevin's College
Alexander Green full bio Alexander Green Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: London, United Kingdom High School: Westminster School
Andrew Haimovici full bio Andrew Haimovici Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Weston, Mass. High School: Weston
Thomas Hlebowicz full bio Thomas Hlebowicz Yr.: Senior Hometown: Bronx, N.Y. High School: Stuyvesant
Joseph Johnson full bio Joseph Johnson Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Arlington, Va. High School: Gonzaga College
Zachary Keller full bio Zachary Keller Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Summit, N.J. High School: The Pingry School
Anthony Kenny full bio Anthony Kenny Yr.: Junior Hometown: Kurraba Point, Australia High School:  
Jennifer Kunes full bio Jennifer Kunes Yr.: Senior Hometown: Winchester, Mass. High School: Winchester
Lars Lorch full bio Lars Lorch Yr.: Senior Hometown: Nuertingen, Germany High School:  
John Luby full bio John Luby Yr.: Junior Hometown: Barrington, R.I. High School: Moses Brown
Henry Lynch full bio Henry Lynch Yr.: Junior Hometown: Wauwatosa, Wisc. High School: Wasuwatosa East
Samuel Meijer full bio Samuel Meijer Yr.: Senior Hometown: London, England High School: Westminster
Max Mezger full bio Max Mezger Yr.: Junior Hometown: South Yarra, Victoria, Australia High School: Melbourne Grammar School
Samuel Monkley full bio Samuel Monkley Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Hamilton, New Zealand High School: Cambridge
Andrew Morley full bio Andrew Morley Yr.: Junior Hometown: Seattle, Wash. High School: Darien High School
Miles Neumann III full bio Miles Neumann III Yr.: Junior Hometown: Clear Point, Ala. High School: Phillips Academy Andover
David Orner full bio David Orner Yr.: Junior Hometown: Darien, Conn. High School: Darien
Ellmore Patterson full bio Ellmore Patterson Yr.: Junior Hometown: San Francisco, Calif. High School: The Branson School
Nicholas Plaut full bio Nicholas Plaut Yr.: Junior Hometown: London, England High School: Westminster
Pieter Quinton full bio Pieter Quinton Yr.: Junior Hometown: Portland, Ore. High School: U.S. Grant
John Richards full bio John Richards Yr.: Junior Hometown: Belmont, Mass. High School: Belmont Hill
Jacob Russell full bio Jacob Russell Yr.: Senior Hometown: Cooperstown, N.Y. High School: Cooperstown Central
Ethan Seder full bio Ethan Seder Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Berkeley, Calif. High School: Jewish Community
Evan Simons full bio Evan Simons Yr.: Junior Hometown: Stillwater, Okla. High School: Morrison
Marshall Sloane II full bio Marshall Sloane II Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Needham, Mass. High School: Milton Academy
Randle Steinbeck full bio Randle Steinbeck Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Ramstein, Germany High School: Ramstein
Christian Tabash full bio Christian Tabash Yr.: Sophomore Hometown: Alexandria, Va. High School: Gonzaga College
Nicolas Yan full bio Nicolas Yan Yr.: Senior Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand High School: King's College (Auckland)